The Book of Ezekiel – Part 5


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  1. EZEKIEL CHAPTER 5 (Ezekiel 5)


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This chapter continues along the theme of Ezekiel acting out the prophecies God gives him. The acts he carries out in this chapter are very unusual and yet the message of this act is powerful and profound.

The following are the key details:

1) Ezekiel is to take a sharp sword and use it as a razor. (Eze 5:1)

2) Ezekiel is to shave both his hair and his beard. (Eze 5:1)

**Notice that shaving in this fashion often indicates severe judgement in scripture**

(Isa 7:20) (Isa 15:2)

3) Ezekiel is to obtain a set of scales and weigh the hair from his head and beard into 3 equal parts. (Eze 5:1)

** Notice that symbolically scales in the bible play an important role:

– in testing a man’s integrity (Job 31:6)

– in indicating the power of God concerning His creation (Isa 40:12)

– and in comparing the largeness of God as compared with the smallness of man and nations” (Isa 40:15)

(Additionally here in Ezekiel chapter 5 scales are concerned with God’s proportioned Judgement)

4) Ezekiel is to place ONE THIRD of his hair in the centre of the map of Jerusalem which he drew in chapter 4. After acting out the siege of Jerusalem again so all could see he was to BURN the third of his hair which he had placed at the centre of the Jerusalem map.

(Eze 5:2a)

5) Ezekiel was to take ANOTHER THIRD of the hair he had weighed out on the scales and scatter this third across the map and chop it with a sword. (Eze 5:2b)

6) Ezekiel was to take the LAST THIRD of the hair he weighed on the scales and SCATTER this third to the wind. (Eze 5:2c)

“The purpose of scattering this last third to the wind is to symbolize the fact that God would scatter his people with the sword”

7) Ezekiel was to VERY IMPORTANTLY now take a bit of his hair (We are not told how much) and tie this bit of hair to his robe. (Eze 5:3)

***Note: It is generally thought that to tie this small piece of hair to his robe was a symbolic indication that God would maintain A SMALL REMNANT of faithful people for himself and to aid in the continuance of His work***

(Eze 3:4)

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8) Ezekiel was to take a small amount of hairs which were attached to his robe in verse 3 and throw these into the fire which is mentioned in verse 2. (Eze 5:4)

(Jer 4:4) (Jer 48:45)

“A picture that some of the faithful may have to give their lives for standing firm”

9) Ezekiel is reminded by God that what he has acted out in the previous verses is an illustration of what is going to happen to Jerusalem. (Eze 5:5a)

10) Ezekiel is reminded by God that He (GOD) had placed Jerusalem at the CENTRE of the nations and that He had had high hopes and expectations for Jerusalem. (Eze 5:5b)

(Eze 16:14) (Deut 4:6) (Micah 5:7) (Matt 5:14)

11) Ezekiel is told by God the awful and stark truth about God’s people.

(Eze 5:6)

a) God’s people had rebelled against God’s decrees and regulations

(Isa 1:4)

(2 Kings 17:11) (Deut 32:15-18) (Neh 9:16-17)

b) God’s people were even more wicked than the pagan nations surrounding them. (Eze 5:6)

(Eze 16:47) (Deut 32:15-16) (2 Kings 17:8) (2 Kings 17:11)

(2 Kings 17:15) (Psalm 106:20) (Rom 1:23-25) (1 Cor 5:1)

c) God’s people had refused to obey or follow the God of Heaven.

(Eze 5:6)

(Jer 5:3) (Jer 9:6) (Jer 11:10) (Zech 7:11)

12) Ezekiel is told again by God 2 Terrible truths about God’s people:

(Eze 5:7)

a) Israel had behaved WORSE than their neighbours. (Eze 5:7a)

(Eze 16:47-48) (2 Kings 21:9-11) (2 Chron 33:9) (Jer 2:10-11)

b) Israel had not even LIVED UP TO THE STANDARD of the nations around them. (Eze 5:7b)

13) Ezekiel is told because God’s people had behaved in such a despicable way God would now be their enemy. (Eze 5:8)

(Eze 15:17) (Eze 21:3) (Lev 26:17-46) (Jer 21:5) (Lam 2:5)

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14) Ezekiel is told by God that the nations surrounding Jerusalem would witness God’s Judgement on his own people. (Eze 5:8b)

(Lev 26:17) (1 Kings 9:8-9) (Jer 22:8-9)

15) Ezekiel is told to tell God’s people what God is going to do to them in the way of Judgement something which he has never done before and will never do again. (Eze 5:9)

(Daniel 9:12) (Lam 4:6)

“This judgement which is mentioned here seems to be a UNIQUE event — There are also other Unique events recorded in scripture”

(Jos 10:14) (Jer 30:7) (1 Sam 4:7) (Joel 2:2) (Matt 24:21) (Mark 2:12)

(Ex 11:6)

16) Ezekiel is reminded by God WHY this unique and awful Judgement is going to come upon God’s people. (Eze 5:9b)

“Because of all thine abominations”

(Deut 7:25-26) (Deut 12:31) (Deut 27:15) (Jer 4:1-2) (Jer 7:30) (Eze 7:20)

17) Ezekiel is told by God that God’s Judgement is going to be so awful that Fathers will eat their own sons and sons will eat their own Fathers.

(Eze 5:10a)

(Deut 28:53) (Lev 26:29) (Jer 19:9) (Lam 4:10) (Deut 28:55) (Deut 28:57)

18) Ezekiel is told by God that God will Scatter the whole Remnant into every direction of the wind. (Eze 5:10b)

(Deut 28:64) (Deut 4:27) (Lev 26:33) (Jer 9:16) (Eze 12:15) (Eze 20:23)

(Eze 22:15) (Zech 10:9) (1 Kings 14:15) (Neh 1:8) (Psalm 44:11)

(Eze 36:19) (Zech 2:6) (Eze 11:16)

19) Ezekiel hears God say to him “Wherefore as I live, saith the Lord GOD” (Eze 5:11a)

This is an amazing statement and teaches us a number of things about God.

1) God makes a pronouncement and promise based on His life.

“In other words this promise and pronouncement is CERTAIN to happen because God never ceases to be alive.

2) God makes a clear declaration that He is a God who is Alive.

“This distinguishes Him from all other gods”

(Dan 5:26) (Dan 6:20) (Jos 3:10) (Psalm 42:2) (Psalm 84:2)

(Jer 10:10) (Matt 16:16) (Matt 26:63) (Acts 14:15) (2 Cor 6:16)

(1 Tim 3:15) (Heb 3:12) (Heb 10:31) (Heb 12:22)

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3) God says “Saith the the Lord God. (Eze 5:11)

“This Phrase occurs a lot in Ezekiel”

(Eze 6:3) (Eze 6:11) (Eze 7:2) (Eze 7:5) (Eze 11:7-8) (Eze 11:16-17)

(Eze 11:21) (Eze 12:10) (Eze 12:19) (Eze 12:23) (Eze 12:25)

(Eze 13:3,13,16,18,20) (Eze 14:4,6,11,14,16,18,20,21,23)

And scores of times more throughout the book.

20) Ezekiel is told by God that He (God) will cut His people off completely.

(Eze 5:11b)

21) Ezekiel is told by God that He (God) will have no pity at all on His people.

(Eze 5:11c)

22) Ezekiel is told by God the reason for this terrible Judgement

— Because His people have defiled the temple with their vile images and detestable sins.

(Eze 5:11c) (Eze 22:4)

23) Ezekiel is told by God more detail concerning His Judgements:

a) A Third of the people in the city of Jerusalem

will die from disease and famine. (Eze 5:12a)

b) A Third of the people

will perish at the hands of the enemy outside of the walls of the city. (Eze 5:12b)

c) A Third of the people

will be scattered to the winds. (Eze 5:12c)

24) Ezekiel is told by God that there will come a time when His (God’s) anger will cease and be finished.

(Eze 5:13a) (Eze 16:42) (Eze 16:63) (Eze 21:17) (Lam 4:11)

25) Ezekiel is told by God that when His (God’s) anger has stopped all of Israel will know that God has spoken to them through His (God’s) Judgement.

(Eze 5:13b)

26) Ezekiel is told by God that part of His Judgement will be to make them a waste (A Ruin) (Eze 5:14a)

(Neh 2:17) (Lev 26:31-32) (Isa 64:10-11) (Jer 19:8) (Lam 1:4)

(Micah 3:12)

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27) Ezekiel is told by God the He (God) will make His people a mockery and a reproach in the eyes of the nations who surround Israel. (Eze 5:14)

(Eze 22:4) (Deut 28:37) (Jer 24:9-10) (Jer 22:8-9) (1 Kings 9:7)

(Isa 26:9) (Psalm 79:4)

28) Ezekiel is told by God that the destruction of Jerusalem will be used by God as a warning sign to the nations which surround Israel

— So they will understand what happens when God punishes a nation.

(Eze 5:15)

(1 Corinthians 10:11) (Deut 29:24-28)

29) Ezekiel is reminded by God as so many prophets in the past had been that Famine is a Chief Weapon of God’s Judgement. (Eze 5:16)

(2 Kings 6:25) (Isaiah 3:1) (Eze 14:13)

30) Ezekiel is reminded by God as so many prophets in the past had been that Disease and wild beasts will be used as one of God’s Chief Weapons of Judgement. (Eze 5:17)

(Eze 38:22) (Lev 26:22) (Deut 32:24) (2 Kings 17:25) (Eze 14:21)

(Eze 33:27) (Jer 15:3) (Eze 6:12)



1) Dead men will be cast down before their Idols. (Eze 6:4-5) (Eze 6:13)

2) The People’s Idols will be made by God to cease to exist. (Eze 6:6)

3) The People’s eyes were deceived by Idols and they sought them out.

(Eze 6:9)

4) The people offered sweet savour to their Idols. (Eze 6:13)

5) The people’s Idols consisted of all sorts of abominable images and they decorated their homes with them. (Eze 8:10)

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6) The people set up Idols in their Heart

— The worst form. (Eze 14:3-4) (Eze 14:7) (Eze 20:16)

7) The people’s Idols caused them to be cut off from God. (Eze 14:5)

8) The people are commanded to repent of their Idolatry. (Eze 14:6)

(Eze 20:7)

9) The people often refused to repent and turn from their Idolatry.

(Eze 20:8)

10) The people defiled themselves with Idols. (Eze 20:18)

(Eze 20:31) (Eze 20:39) (Eze 22:3-4) (Eze 23:30) (Eze 37:23)

11) The people were addicted to their Idols. (Eze 23:7)

12) The people have committed spiritual adultery with their Idols.

(Eze 23:37)

13) The people sacrificed their children to Idols. (Eze 23:39)

14) The people worshipped their Idols. (Eze 33:25)

“Lift up your eyes towards your Idols”

15) The people were led astray by their Idols. (Eze 44:10)

16) The people are offered cleansing and forgiveness for their Idolatry.

(Eze 37:23) (Eze 36:25)