The Book of Ezekiel – Part 6


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  1. Ezekiel Chapter 6:
    God’s Judgements On His People For Idolatry

  2. Main Theme Six in the Book of Ezekiel:
    — Ezekiel 6:1-14

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Ezekiel Chapter 6 (Ezekiel 6)

God’s Judgements On His People For Idolatry

Point 1: Ezekiel is instructed to face the mountains of Israel (Eze 6:2)

**The term Set Thy Face — Occurs a number of times in the book of Ezekiel”

(Eze 4:7) (Eze 13:7) (Eze 20:45-47) (Eze 21:2) (Eze 25:2) (Eze 38:2)

Point 2: Ezekiel is instructed to

Prophesy against the mountains of Israel. (Eze 6:2)

**Mountains are an important feature in Scripture**

(Jos 11:21) (Jos 20:7) (Eze 19:9) (Eze 33:28) (Eze 34:14)

(Eze 35:12) (Eze 36:1-4) (Eze 37:22)

Point 3: Ezekiel is to Prophesy Judgement against all areas

where Altars and Images have been erected. (Eze 6:3)

1. Mountains

2. Hills

3. Rivers

4. Valleys

Point 4: Ezekiel is to Preach that a SWORD of Judgement

is on its way to destroy the High Places. (Eze 6:3)

(Lev 26:30)

Point 5: Ezekiel is to Prophesy that

the Altars and Images will be Broken. (Eze 6:4)

Point 6: Ezekiel is instructed to tell God’s people that the slain men

who perish because of God’s Judgement

will be cast down before their Idols. (Eze 6:4)

(Eze 6:5a)

Point 7: Ezekiel is instructed to tell God’s people that their bones

(As a result of God’s Judgement) will be scattered around the Idols

which they adored so much. (Eze 6:5b)

(1 Kings 13:2) (2 Kings 23:14) (2 Kings 23:16)

Point 8: Ezekiel is instructed to tell God’s people

that their cities will be laid waste

— The Cities which contain their homes and dwelling places.

(Eze 6:6a)

(Eze 5:14) (Eze 7:2) (Isa 64:10) (Lam 1:4) (Jer 9:11)

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Point 9: Ezekiel is instructed to tell God’s people

about the forthcoming Desolation and Idol destruction

along with their works being ABOLISHED. (Eze 6:6)

Point 10: Ezekiel is instructed to tell God’s people

that through His (God’s) Judgement

people will come to know the Lord. (Eze 6:7)

Point 11: Ezekiel is instructed to tell God’s people

that God will leave a faithful nucleus (REMNANT)

who will escape the sword of Judgement at the scattering of His people. (Eze 6:8)

(Eze 5:2) (Eze 5:12) (Eze 14:22) (Eze 12:16) (Jer 44:28) (Isa 1:9)

(Isa 4:2) (Rom 9:15)

Point 12: Ezekiel is told by God that

those who escape His (God’s) Judgement

will remember God in the Nations where they are carried Captives.

(Eze 6:9a)

(Dan 9:2-3) (Deut 30:1-2) (Psalm 137:1)

Point 13: Ezekiel is told by God that He (God) is broken hearted

because of His people’s spiritual adultery. (Eze 6:9a)

(Eze 16:43) (Psa 78:40)

Point 14: Ezekiel is told by God that eventually

when His people fully appreciate the awfulness of their sin

They will Loathe themselves. (Eze 6:9c)

(Eze 7:16) (Eze 16:63) (Eze 36:31-32) (Job 42:6) (Hosea 14:8)

Point 15: Ezekiel is told by God that His (God’s) People will know

that God is SERIOUS when He pronounces Judgement. (Eze 6:10)

(Zech 1:6)

Point 16: Ezekiel is told by God yet again

the reason for His (God’s) Judgement

— The Reason — The Evil abominations of His people. (Eze 6:11)

Point 17: Ezekiel is told by God again

the threefold method of His Judgement:


(Eze 5:2) (Eze 5:12) (Jeremiah 12:12)

*** Notice in some scripture passages God’s Judgement
and method of Judgement is mentioned as FOURFOLD ***

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It is also important to note that Ezekiel is told to
SMITE with his hand and stamp his foot
— The thought being here as he does these things
he is to CRY ALOUD with horror at the people’s sin.

(Eze 21:12) (Eze 21:14) (Eze 21:17) (Eze 9:4)

Point 18: Ezekiel is told 3 Key things in Ezekiel 6:12

a) In Foreign lands

God’s people will die of Pestilence because of God’s Judgement.

“He that is FAR OFF”

b) In the surrounding area of the city of Jerusalem

God’s people will die by the Sword because of God’s Judgement.

“He that is NEAR”

c) In the city of Jerusalem itself which is under siege

God’s people will die of Famine because of God’s Judgement

“And is BESIEGED shall die by the Famine”

Point 19: Ezekiel is reminded of the various Locations

where False Worship was taking place.

(Eze 6:13).

a) False Altars.

b) High Hills.

c) Mountain Tops.

d) Under Every Green Tree.

e) Under Every Thick Oak.

Point 20: Ezekiel is told that Idolatrous people in the above locations

will die at the place of THEIR Idols;

and Lay before their Idols. (Eze 6:13)

Point 21: Ezekiel is told WHAT these Idolatrous people offered to their false gods.(Eze 6:13d)

“Sweet Savour to all their Idols”

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The subject of Salvation is found in every book of the bible

— It is also a MAJOR theme in the MAJOR prophet Ezekiel.

The following which is summarized in Ezekiel Ch 16 teaches much about the theme of Salvation.

This chapter can be divided into Three Key Points:




Point 1: The Condition Of The Sinner Without Christ:

1) The Sinner Commits Abominations. (Eze 16:1-2)

“Notice here that the sinner should be made to know their sin”

2) The Sinner Has The Devil As Their Father. (Eze 16:3) (John 8:44)

“Thy father was an Amorite; and thy mother was a Hittite”

3) The Sinner Is Unwashed. (Eze 16:4)

Neither wast thou washed in water”

4) The Sinner Is Not Pitied By Others. (Eze 16:5a)

“None eye pitied thee”

5) The Sinner Has No One Who Cares About Them. (Eze 16:5b)

“To have compassion upon thee”

6) The Sinner Is An Outcast. (Eze 16:5c)

“But thou wast cast out in the open field, to the loathing of thy person”

7) The Sinner Is Polluted. (Eze 16:6a)

“And saw thee polluted in thine own blood”

Point 2: The Love Of The Saviour For The Sinner:

1) The Saviour Comes Near To The Sinner. (Eze 16:6a) ( Eze 16:8a)

“And when I passed by thee”

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2) The Saviour Comes To Give Life. (Eze 16:6b) (Num 21:8-9) (John 10:10)

“Live ; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live”

3) The Saviour Changes Lives. (Eze 16:7)

** The whole verse speaks of change **

“Causes the sinner to blossom in Righteousness”

4) The Saviour Loves The Sinner. (Eze 16:8c)

“And looked upon thee, behold thy time was the time of love”

**The Sinner now becomes the object and the Centre
of the Saviour’s affection**

Point 3: The Privileges Of The Saved Person:

1) A Saved Person Is A Sheltered Person. (Eze 16:8)

“And I spread my skirt over thee”

2) A Saved Person Is A Covered Person. (Eze 16:8) (Eze 16:10)

a) And I spread my skirt over thee, and COVERED thy nakedness (Eze 16:8)

b) I CLOTHED thee also with broidered work. (Eze 16:10)

** These are pictures of the believer being
clothed with the righteousness of Christ **

3) A Saved Person Is A Washed Person. (Eze 16:9a)

“Then washed I thee with water, yea thoroughly washed away thy blood”

4) A Saved Person Is A Powerful Person. (Eze 16:9d)

“And I anointed thee with oil”

5) A Saved Person Is A Beautiful Person. (Eze 16:11) (Eze 16:11-13)

“God makes a saved sinner Beautiful in His sight”

6) A Saved Person Is A Royal Person. (Eze 16:12c)

“And a beautiful crown upon thy head”

7) A Saved Person Is A Promoted Person. (Eze 16:14a)

“And thy renown went forth among the Heathen for thy beauty”

8) A Saved Person Is A Covenant Person. (Eze 16:8e)

“And entered into a Covenant with thee, saith the Lord,
and thou becamest mine”

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This passage in Ezekiel chapter 16 then is

a wonderful picture of God’s Grace.

It clearly teaches that Salvation is all of God and nothing of man.

— Notice particularly how God initiates and performs the wonderful act of saving a soul.

a) I Passed by thee. (Eze 16:6a) (Eze 16:8a)

b) I said unto thee. (Eze 16:6c)

c) I have caused thee to multiply. (Eze 16:7a)

d) I spread my skirt over thee. (Eze 16:8)

e) I sware unto thee. (Eze 16:8)

*** Finally notice the NINE I’s in verses 9 to 12 ***