Homiletics Lesson 4

Homiletics Lesson Four
Instructor: Colin Pavitt

Homiletics (The Art of Preaching) (Page 1)

Homiletics (The Art of Preaching)

Before we discuss preaching we need to discuss the PREACHER.

(2 Timothy 3:10) (2 Timothy 4:8)

1: The Preacher must be a man of PURPOSE (Matthew 4:18-20)

They are

a) Called of God
b) Followers (a true disciple)
c) Commissioned (Appointed and Anointed by the Lord)

2: The Preacher must be a man of PRAYER.

a) Commence – Join the “Secret service” Matthew 6:6

b) Continue – Regularly visit the secret place in prayer

c) Conquer – Master the Holy art of Intercession in prayer
for himself and the people he preaches to.

3: The Preacher must be a man of PASSION.

a) For Christ ( Psalm 84:2 Psalm 63:1 Psalm 42:2 )

b) For Souls ( Jeremiah 20:9 1 Corinthians 9:16 )

4: The Preacher must be a man of PRIORITIES.

Matthew 6:33 (The Kingdom just ALWAYS come first)

5: The Preacher must be a man of PURITY.

( 1 Thess 2:3 ) ( 1 Thess 2:10 )

Robert Murray M’Cheyne said,
“A holy minister is an awful weapon in the hand of God.”

6: The Preacher must be a man of PIETY.

Piety means “showing Godliness and Practical Holiness”

Someone once said “You cannot be a Clown and a Preacher.”

a) Piety is important in Domestic matters. (Home life)

b) Piety is important in Speech ( Ephesians 4:29, 31 ) ( Eph 5:4 )

c) Piety is important in use of our time.

Homiletics (The Art of Preaching) (Page 2)

7: The Preacher must be a man of Good PATTERN. Titus 2:7-8

8: The Preacher should be a man of PRIVATE MEDITATION.

We must keep our own vineyard ( Song of Songs 1:6 ) Unlike this verse.

We need to be studiers and meditators of God’s word.

( 2 Timothy 2:15 ) ( 2 Timothy 3:14-16 ) ( Joshua 1:8 )

The preacher is a steward and entrusted with the secret things of God.

There must be in our service:-

1: Faithfulness to God’s word (No compromise, no pleasing men)

( Galatians 1:10 ) ( 1 Thess 2:4 )

2: Faithfulness to our hearers (Preach the truth)

3: Faithfulness to God (Seek his glory not our own)

9: The Preacher must be a man who has been PROVEN.

By the Church Acts 13:1-4.

10: The Preacher must be a man of PERSONAL ASSESSMENT.

He must know himself.

a) Understand Himself – His limitations.

b) Disciplines Himself – ( 1 Timothy 4:16 ) ( 1 Corinthians 9:27 )

c) Educates Himself – (Academically and Spiritually)

d) Thinks for Himself

– Comes to his own conclusions in the Light of God’s word.

e) Expresses Himself – Takes every opportunity to share word of God.

f) Denies Himself – Mark 8:34.

11: The Preacher must be a PEOPLE’S MAN.

i.e. He must understand the human heart,

He must know men and the World.

Homiletics (The Art of Preaching) (Page 3)

12: The Preacher must be aware of PERILS.

a) Women ( Proverbs 5:1-5 ) ( Proverbs 5:18-20 )

b) Money ( 1 Timothy 6:10 )

c) Pride and self confidence ( 1 Timothy 3:6 ) ( Proverbs 16:18 )

13: The Preacher must be a man of Spiritual POWER.

i.e. Anointed service Acts 1:4-8

A. W. Tozer said
“Nothing is more indecent than to have dead preachers
speaking to dead sinners the living truth of the living God.”

Textual Sermons 1 (Page 1)

Homiletics: Textual Sermons

Textual – The oldest method and probably most effective in preaching.

Method TO 1) Announce it

2) Analyse it

3) Expound it

4) Apply it

It is probably the most effective because :-

1: It is God’s word and will which is proclaimed

(The Preacher must have faith in the word of God – Heb 4:12-13)

2: A text often repeated makes its own impact i.e. Spurgeon’s conversion.

3: The text may be laid hold upon by the power of the Holy Spirit from the beginning.

(Text – G. Campbell Morgan
“A paragraph, verse or part of a verse
that is the basis of a sermon to make a textual Sermon”)

Latin Textum = Something that is WOVEN

4: Definition is brought to the SERMON

– It can deliver the most vague preacher from rambling and boring.

Textual Sermons 1 :

1) Text Analysis

– A text is analysed into it natural divisions and its dominant theme or indeed themes noted.

(- Take a text and circle the themes.)

– This is then transferred into a Homiletic outline for preaching.

Some good examples of this type of analysis can be found in the following verses.

Of course in practice the verses in the Bible which lend themselves to this form of structure are endless.

Hence the preacher will never run out of preaching material in a whole lifetime, even if he was preachinq 7 days a week.

( John 3:16 ) ( Acts 16:31 ) ( 1 Tim 2:5 ) ( Eph 2:8-9 ) ( John 5:24 )

( John 6:37 ) ( John 7:37 )

2) How Is It Done In Practice?

Textual Sermons 1 (Page 2)

3) As John 3:16 Is A Very Well Known Scripture,

We Could Take a Look At This For The Basis Of Pattem Or Format.

4) First We Ask The Question—What Is The Dominant Theme In This Verse?

“As we break down this verse we discover that there are a number of Dominant themes

— So there is a possibility of producing a number of sermon outlines ready to preach from just this verse alone.”

Dominant Theme One And Sermon Outline One Based on John 3:16:


Forming our headings into crisp sentences we can state the following:

Point 1: GOD Exists—Scripture Accepts This As A Fact.
Point 2: GOD Loves The World.
Point 3: GOD Is A Giving God.
Point 4: GOD Gave His Unique Son.
Point 5: GOD Has A Message Which Is For Everyone.
Point 6: GOD Desires That All Should Believe.
Point 7: GOD States The Alternative To Belief.
Point 8: GOD States That A Person Can Have Everlasting Life As A Present Possession.

Textual Sermons 1 (Page 3)

Dominant Theme Two And Sermon Outline Based On John 3:16:


Point 1: GOD’S LOVE Is For The World.

Point 2: GOD’S LOVE Is Demonstrated By The Giving Of His Precious Son.

Point 3: GOD’S LOVE Is To Be Believed To Avoid Perishing.

Point 4: GOD’S LOVE Is the Very Reason A Person Can Have Everlasting Life.

Dominant Theme Three And Sermon Outline Based On John 3:16:


Forming Our Headings Into Crisp Sentences We Can State The Following:

Point 1: GOD’S GIFT Results From God’s Love.
Point 2: GOD’S GIFT Is Special And Unique.
Point 3: GOD’S GIFT Is open To All.
Point 4: GOD’S GIFT If Accepted Results In Everlasting Life.
Point 5: GOD’s GIFT Is The only Gift That Will Avert A Person Going To Hell.

Textual Sermons 1 (Page 4)

Dominant Theme Four And Sermon Outline Based on John 3:16


Point 2: EVERLASTING LIFE Is Offered.
Point 3: EVERLASTING LIFE Is Something That Must Be Accepted.
Point 4: EVERLASTING LIFE Is Through Faith In Jesus Alone.
Point 5: EVERLASTING LIFE Is Something That Can Be Known NOW.
Point 6: EVERLASTING LIFE Is The Only Alternative To the Lake Of Fire.


Taking these verses as a pattern and breaking them down by searching for the dominant theme again we could find several themes with which to form a basic sermon outline.

*** Note some of the great theological themes in these two verses all of which could be utilized to construct next Sunday’s Sermon ***

  1. GRACE
  3. FAITH

Just taking one example from these verses to construct our sermon outline. Let us select the great subject of GRACE:

Textual Sermons 1 (Page 5)

  1. GRACE Is God’s Unmerited Offer of Salvation. “For by Grace”
  2. GRACE Is A Reality If Accepted by Faith. “Are ye saved”
  3. GRACE Is Not Related To The Will Of Man. “And that not of yourselves”
  4. GRACE Is A Gift Of God. “It is the gift of God”
  5. GRACE Is Not Earned By What We Do “Not of works”
  6. GRACE Is A Pride Stopper At The Judgement Seat. “Lest any man should boast”

The above are just a few examples of GENUINE TEXTUAL SERMONS just based on one or two verses.

For the man who has been newly called to preach this is great way to prepare messages
— lt sticks with the Bible
— lt keeps the preacher on target
— It proclaims the life changing truth.


Take a verse every day from the scriptures for the rest of your life and break down in the above manner.

Practice getting your thoughts and crisp headings as sharp as possible.

Do it over and over again with fresh verses.

— This is the sort of preaching your hearers will remember. It will also feed your own soul.

Obviously between the points you have to fill in with content
— The best content is always based upon solid cross references which build and strengthen your text.

If with our Lord’s help you can master this method; he will make you into a powerful and effective minister.

— lt will also enable you not to have to fret about what you are going to preach on next Sunday.

— You will always have new material; and it will always be straight from God’s word.

These structures can be used in

the Pulpit;
Street Preaching;
Sunday School Classes for Children;
Youth meetings.

— ln fact anywhere you are called to preach.